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Our community ministries offer help to those nearby.  This includes, but is not limited to our food pantry, Second Harvest food distribution, coat giveaway, local school mentoring, and the "I Support the Girls" (which provides undergarments and personal hygiene items for homeless girls & women).
Beaver Ridge UMC is dedicated to missions. We celebrate all types of mission opportunities - from trips to collecting mittens to donating food, and more. You are invited to participate in any or all of these mission opportunities!

Food Pantry - Leslie Little,
Second Harvest Food Drop - Mary Hunt,
Volunteers Packing Food
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Mondays from 1 to 2 pm

Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

in the Education Bldg.

(bldg. closest to Weigel's)

Beaver Ridge Food Pantry serves anyone in the

community in need of help with groceries.

**A list of needed food items is listed in the church newsletter each month.**

We're All About Missions

Last month, I mentioned that it was unseasonably warm. Boy-howdy, did that ever change with January's storm! Many were snowed/iced in for over a week! But one of the nice things about East Tennessee is that Winter doesn't last long, and Spring is just around the corner!


This month, I'm in a reflective mood, and I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you about what I believe. Missions can be perceived as going on a trip to a remote location and helping out...and that is certainly one important aspect of it. But Missions means many things. There are many acts of kindness and compassion that happen every day in our congregation...and what is that if not Missions? I'd like to share a few that I've observed recently:


  • There was a legion of people who helped set up, feed, take down, and cleanup for the awesome   retirement party for our very own Betty Lloyd. There were several people who pulled together (well-deserved) tributes to Betty, ranging from poetry to songs. Jack and Vera Harvey made a special effort and travelled from Tullahoma to wish Betty well. There was a LOT of planning and coordination needed to pull this party off! Well done!

  • During the winter event mentioned earlier, it was decided to "go virtual" for the Worship Service on January 14. And what an incredible service it was! I have to admit that I don't know how many people worked in concert to pull that together, but I know it was more than who was on-screen. Many thanks to both the on-screen personalities and the off-screen support!

  • One word:  Resurrection. What a blessing it was to see our youth and to hear of their mountaintop  experiences. Thanks to all who helped them experience it!

  • A shout out to the Outreach missions group who plan and implement the creative gatherings that provide growth opportunities and fellowship with our community!

  • Of course, no list is complete without recognizing the faithful volunteers at our Food Pantry. On January 24, even though I was personally still snowed in and the Church was not yet re-opened, the Food Pantry crew was there to open the doors to those who needed help...both with food and warm clothing. A heart-felt thanks to them.

  • Also recognized:  Volunteers who gathered to visit our local mobile home parks to hand out 10 lb. bags of sweet potatoes on a cold and blustery day. Because of you, some of our neighbors received a 'little extra" for their larders that day.

  • One last item to this list, which may seem small, but it was an act of kindness. There were beautiful balloons donated for Betty's celebration. Two 4-year-olds and one youth were made happy with gifts of the balloons after the party was over. Their joy was tangible and a beautiful sight to see.


What have YOU noticed lately that fills your heart with thanksgiving?


Some people say: "It takes a village".  I say: "It takes a Church".  Thank you, Beaver Ridge, for being that Church.


A couple of additional reminders:

1. The Coat Closet still can use gently-used coats/jackets/sweaters for adults and children, as well as gloves, hats, and scarves.

2. Our Spring woodcut trip to Marion, VA is coming up soon...March or April. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve!



                                      Blessings to all,


                                      Leslie Little, Missions Chair

Donation Boxes

Your Donations to KARM Help Others

Anytime is a great time to clean out clutter from your home and garage to donate to the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. When you drop off your items be sure to tell them you want Beaver Ridge UMC to receive credit. KARM will then give us gift cards to distribute to folks in our community who are in need of clothing and household items.

Let your unwanted stuff assist others and our church ministries!
Support the girls.webp
Beaver Ridge collects gently used bras, socks, and feminine hygiene items for the “Support the Girls” organization. This ministry provides support to homeless women and girls. Many of the homeless women are victims of domestic violence and often flee horrendous situations with little more than the clothes on their backs. The Knoxville Chapter of “Support the Girls” will provide Knox Area Rescue Mission’s Serenity House with our donations, so everything you contribute will help homeless in and around the Knoxville area.

Please leave items in the marked bin located in the church office hallway. 

Erica Zuckerman is our contact person for this ministry and may be reached at
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