Wednesday’s Fellowship

Join us Wednesdays, after the Wednesday Night Dinner, for a time of fellowship and learning! Events start around 6:30, so join us even you did not make a dinner reservation!

Adults may choose from the following options for Wednesday Night Fellowship:
Prayer Group: Anyone with prayers may come to share them with others in the Library
Adult Bible Study: Our Wednesday Night Studies occur in cycles. Topics vary and are taught but he pastor and members of the church. Come dive deeper into the Word.
Chancel Choir: If you want to show your appreciation to the Chancel Choir for all of their beautiful music over the years, why not join them? Rehearsal is at 6:30 in the choir room (next to sanctuary). You do not have to read music — only required to love it!

For Youth, there is the Food and Fellowship program.
The Children, grades K-5, will have fun doing activities with Travis Burnett.

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