Youth: Sunday School

Each Sunday morning our middle and high school youth meet together for a time of fun and fellowship during the Sunday School hour. Sunday School classes begin at 10:00 am

Tiptoeing through the Ten Commandments-
Our 6th-12th graders can look forward to becoming more familiar with the “Big Ten.” Each Week we will discuss a commandment and what it should mean to our daily life.

Summer J.A.M (Jesus and Movies) Session
In the summer, our teens  find heavenly messages from movies they’ve likely seen before. Students watch a clip that would lead into a discussion and Biblical message. Spiderman II reminded us that God can use any of us for his plan. Shrek reminded us not to judge and the kind of friends we should look for. In the future now the youth can know to look for God’s message in every movie they see.

For questions contact:
Lisa Howard, Youth Director

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